Thursday, June 5, 2008


I didn't really get a chance to post an 11 month old update and Sim is almost a year old.
So a quick recap ( though my recaps notoriously lack the necessary detail):
-definitely a confident cruiser by 11 months;
-refused eating the classic 'baby food' from the jars-it's table food or nothing;
-ABBA! is his most popular word. Amusingly, abba worked very hard @ teaching out daughter to say that word ( pretty much since she was 3 months old). With this one it came with no effort on his part but with much delight on mine. Every time the baby wakes up in the morning, he calls 'abba', so I just tell my hubby 'he's calling you":) and continue pretending that I'm still asleep.
-he knows what he wants and points at it quite nicely;
-if something that he wants is in his sister's possession, he tried to take it away and very very quickly scoot in the opposite direction;
-albeit his favorite word is abba, he is mama's boy and every time he sees me he demands to be picked up or as a last resort, given undevided attention;
-he finally has a (cute) tuft of hair that's curling up in the back