Sunday, April 6, 2008

Congratulations, it's a tooth! (# 4)

Ever since I boasted about my 5 hour sleep I got no more than a fraction of uninterrupted rest. So I thought I must've given my sleep an evil eye.

Then yesterday, in a futile attempt to get a few more minutes of sleep after the kids woke up we stood the baby up in his crib. That often keeps him entertained for a couple of minutes. However, this time instead of standing or bouncing for a bit, he fell pretty much as soon as he stood up. That followed by louder than usual blood curdling cry and upon inspection he had a bleeding gum and/or lip.

That pretty much took care of those 'few more minutes of sleep' however the baby stopped crying pretty much as soon as he was back in my arms.

Today we were playing some giggling game and to my delight I realized that the bruised gum of yesterday was a crowning tooth today! How cool is that that yet again I was the first one to find SiM's new tooth! This may also explain his exceptional crankiness for the past few nights (I even gave him motrin before he went to sleep last night with unsatisfactory results).

This new top middle right tooth makes me hope that maybe tonight would be a restful night for all of us:) Amen.

PS Tooth number 3 was discovered last Saturday (8 days ago). It's in an unusual top left -off the middle location however still exciting and very welcome.

On a side note, since big sister likes to feed the baby I often tell her not to give him anything too big or too hard and as an explanation I tell her that baby only has 2 teeth and he doesn't know how to chew too well. Eh frequently quotes me and the 2 tooth situations. Now, that SiM has 4 teeth I have to think of some other good reason for not giving him nuts:)

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SubWife said...

ok, it officially has been a month since your last post, so I feel I have a right to complaint. (I have been whining to myself much longer...)